Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What went against Laloo

Laloo pd. yadav must be unable to think what went wrong.

He had all calculation done,exact vote percentage ,proper poll alliance with Paswan and incumbency factor.But such a big result in favour of opponent, unbelievable decision from public of Bihar who once trusted him for near about 15 yr.Even NDA could not think such a landsliding victory.
What deviated peoples mind away from failure of Nitish is negative propaganda of RJD as it had helped congress in 2009 MP election,calling weak PM had gone against BJP.projecting Narendra-Nitish handshaking shameful,laloo enhance vote polarisation in favour of NDA.He later attacked on correct position but it was too late.Paswan lost his charm over dalit vote,people want substantial work and more important deeds.He has lost credit and encircled in a image of opportunist not for mass as late kanshiram but  for himself and family.projecting paras as deputy CM ruined their claims against family politics.Now paswan is a five star dalit, a common dalit of bihar can not correlate him with  his.Anther factor is congress,she had to fight on two front at same time.she had been fail to show distance with laloo ,people would imagine a post alliance with RJD on the name of so called seculerism.charm of price Rahul and Sonia did not work in bihar.Every time congress made hue and cry about centers money Nitish Had been successful in putting onus on congress head for every misery of bihar.we can not deny excellent work of NDA in bihar particularly on law and order and female empowerment .It is deepest agony of bihari that they are compelled to be crazy about any ray of hope(dream) once Laloo and now nitish is showing to them.

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