Wednesday, November 17, 2010

budhhist tourism in Jharkhand

Lord Buddha  is light of Asia who gave solution to agony and pain of human being from sufferings of materialistic world.Prince Siddhartha of Shaky dynasty got enlighten at Bodhgaya.presently in Bihar.unknown fact about Buddha is his links with jharkhand..Chatra  and palamau districts of jharkhand adjoins gaya district of bihar.Buddhism at that time was a social reform movement which later turns into a religion .In bhadrakali temple of chatra,jharkhand ,Buddhist deities can be seen. Buddhist deity Tara can be seen here in black stone. It also has an inscription of the time of the king  Mahendra pal Deva. Dr. Grierson in his notes on Gaya District (pp. 3, 4) has mentioned the Buddhist stupa at Bhadrakali complex of Itkhori.It is said that after enlightenment Lord Buddha came to bhadrakali temple ,his parents came to woo him to back to palace but he said ITI KHOYI means all lost here.from that day this place is known as ITIKHOYI who gradually modified into itkhori.

links of Lord Buddha with palamau in next post 

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