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A  very common plant in Palamau area is tree of kadam.
It's description
Botanical name : Haldina cordifolia (Roxb.) Ridsdale (Adina cordifolia Hook. f. ex Brandis)
Family : Rubiaceae
Girikadamba, Haridru, Haraduakadamba, Gaur-kadamba, Girikadamba, Dharakadamba, Pitadaaru, Kadambapushpa.
Rasa    : Kashaya, Tikta
Guna   : Lakhu
Virya   : Seeta
English     :     Yellow Teak, Saffron Teak, Haldu
Hindi        :      Kadami, Haldu    
Malayalam    :     Manjakadamb, Malankadamb.
A moderate sized deciduous tree grows up to 35 m in height. Leaves large, cordate, abruptly acuminate. Flowers yellow in globose pedunculate heads; fruits capsules, splitting into two dehiscent cocci, seeds many, narrow, small, and tailed. 

Plant pacifies vitiated pitta, inflammation, urinary retention, wounds and ulcers    Burning Sensation in Urine

Decotation of Haldu or kadam bark and Aonla (Emblica officinalis) bark is prepared and kept in glass bottle. One glass of decotation is taken  orally.Twice daily for 5 days.  skin diseases, biliary colic, infection, dysentery, fever and burning sensation. 
  Bark of tree have been used as antiseptic.
 Useful part    :    Bark, Root. 
Other use : heart wood is used as timber plant as substitute of teak
The heartwood contains indole alkaloids; bark 7.27–9.27% tannin. The leaves contain ursolic acid and quercetin.

 Sauce of fresh green leaves is used in food.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tourist spot of Jharkhand Betla national park,pride of palamau.

Betla national park s pride of Palamau.Situated in the districts of Palamau  and Latehar Sanctuary is spread over an area of The core area of 232 sq. km of the sanctuary was declared as Betla National park in September1989. The park occupies the western parts of the Chotanagpur plateau and was constituted in the year 1960 as an extension of the Hazaribagh National park. Palamau has the distinction of being the forest where the world's first tiger census was enumerated in 1932. The park became one of the earliest 9 tiger reserves in India under 'Project Tiger' in 1974.
Nagpuri gate of Palamau fort
The forests of the park have a vast range of vegetation consisting of tropical wet evergreen forests in the lower reaches, mixed (moist & dry) deciduous forests in the middle and temperate alpine forests in the upper reaches including Sal and bamboo as the major components along with a number of medicinal plants like palash,guliachi . The river   north Koel and its tributaries Ornga  run through the northern portion of the park. There are grasslands in the river flowing area. It has waterfalls and hot springs in satbarwa and mirchaiya fall. 

Lodh fall

One can also visit 468 –ft high Lodh Falls situated 95 km south of the park in Mahuadar and ruins of the Chero Kings’ Fort situated near the Betla at 400 ft (120 m).  Once the seat of Chero kings, there are two Chitalhistorical forts, one of them belonging to the 16th century deep inside the forest. The main sentinel of the old fort is visible high up on the hill with defences in three directions and three main gates.
The diversity of Eco-system promotes a wide variety of fauna consisting of elephant, panther, leopard, wild boar, tiger, gaur, sloth bear, sambar, chital, nuntjac, nilgai, langur, mouse deer, monkeys, small Indian civet, mongoose, jackals, porcupine, ant eating pangolin etc. Elephants in large numbers are seen mostly during the monsoons up to the time when water sources begin to dry up in March. Jackal and hyena are common scavengers. Bird-life is rich featuring the hornbill, peafowl, red jungle fowl, black partridge, white necked stork, black ibis, swamp grey, quail, the pied born bill, wagtails, the harial, doves, drongo, the crested serpent-eagle, forest owls, the papiha and other birds usually found in dry deciduous forests. The famous Kamaldah lake attracts several varieties of water birds including the common whistling and cotton teal, the comb duck, snipe and geese. The rhesus monkey and the common languor provide attraction to children visiting the park.
betla tree house
way to betla
Described as one of the finest parks in the north-east for observing a variety of wild life from close range and tribal studies , there are elephant rides and jeeps available with guides and spotlight for venturing inside the park. Watch towers and ground hides have been constructed to view the wild life. Only group travel is recommended. Timings are from 0500 to 1900 hours.Best time of year to visit

October to May, open through out the year.
river koel
Betla is 25 Km away from Daltonganj which is well connected by rail and road network.Garib rath ,Rajdhani exp. Jharkhand exp from Delhi and shaktipunj exp,Hawrah Bhopal from Kolkata.Nearest airport is Birsa munda airport Ranchi.Private taxis are available  in Daltonganj,
The accommodation facilities in the tourist complex, include a three star hotel, tourist lodges with canteen, log huts and tree houses inside the forest with fully furnished suites. The tree house overlooks a watering hole a few yards away where the animals gather in the summers to quench their thirst. STD/ ISD, Postal and Internet facilities are available in the reserve area. Jharkhand State Tourism Development Corporation's Van Vihar is available for stay. Phone: 06562-286513. Palamau district site shows following amenities.


For accommodation of tourists the following rest houses, tourists lodges and dormitories are available:-
Sl.No. Location Accommodation Available Rate (Rs/day) No. Of suite/Room No. of Beds
1 Betla Forest Rest House No. 1 50/-per room 2 4
2 Betla Forest Rest House (Main) 50/-per room 2 4
3 Betla Tourist lodge 100/- per room 4 8
4 Betla Janta lodge 45/-per lodge 5 15
5 Betla Dormatry 120/- 1 15
6 Kerh Forest Rest House 50/- per room 2 4
7 Kerh Tourist Cottage 60/- per room 2 4
8 Kerh Dormatry 75/- 1 40
9 Maromar Forest rest House 50/- per room 2 4
10 Maromar Tree House 160/- 2 4
Besides there is Jharkhand State Tourism Devlopment Hotel ( Van Vihar) having 2 A.C. rooms, 1 Double bedded tree house, 7 deluxe rooms, 16 economy rooms, 4 three bedded Dormatry, 1 eight bedded dormatry, 2 five bedded dormatry and two other private hotels Debjani & Naihar , having 16 & 7 rooms respectively besides 2 dormatry of 10 bed & 5 bed capacity respectively.
Regulations within the Reserve :-
Following regulations are practiced :-
1. No entry after sunset & before sunrise. Night driving is prohibited in the reserve.
2. Pets, transistors, tape-recorder, stereos are not permitted.
3. No arms and ammunitions are allowed.
4. Carelessly throwing & leaving trash litter are strictly prohibited.
5. Candling fire in the forest is prohibited.
6. Fast driving (> 20 km. Per hour) & blowing of horn is strictly prohibited.
7. Shouting, teasing or chasing of animals are prohibited.
8. Hunting and fishing are strictly prohibited.
9. Staying in rest house without reservation are prohibited.
10. Use of flash camera to take a snap of wild animals are not allowed.
Interpretation & Conservation Education :- There is one Nature Interpretation Center (NIC), at Betla. This is an excellent creation, consists of reception, displays of models, Museum, Library and auditorium. This NIC remains open for the visitors daily from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm. Three staffs are deputed to take care of tourists & NIC. Two visitor’s book(1 VIP and 1 general) are maintained in NIC to get the visitor’s feed back & to access the no. of visitors. 16 mm films and videos film on wild life are also shown in the auditorium.
However with condition of law and order it would be better to stay at Daltonganj or in fix ban-glow of forest dept.Besides forest it also offer study of tribal life style and culture.


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Jharkhand is rich not only below earh but also above earth.If we have largest depostion of ores ,we are also rich in vegetation and forests.Jharkhand especially palamau could have been a hot spot for medical tourism.If govt. give attention by merging tourism with medical treatment.Our todays plant is Artocarpus lakoocha (Moraceae).It is  is a widely used medicinal plant by tribals of Jharkhand, India for the treatment of many diseases. Using DPPH and Ferric Ion Reducing properties investigated the antioxidant activity of the plant.

Artocarpus lakoocha Roxb. (Hindi: Dahu, Barhal, Beng. Dahu, Sans. Lokoocha, Eng.: Monkey Jack) tampang and other similar native names in Malaya; as lokhat in Thailand. The tree is 20 to 30 ft (6-9 m) tall with deciduous, large, leathery leaves, downy on the underside. Male and female flowers are borne on the same tree, the former orange-yellow, the latter reddish. The fruits are nearly round or irregular, 2 to 5 in (5-12.5 cm) wide, velvety, dull-yellow tinged with pink, with sweet sour pulp which is occasionally eaten raw but mostly made into curries or chutney. The male flower spike, acid and astringent, is pickled. Reviews of the records in both, traditional and scientific literature, indicated that Artocarpus lakoocha Roxb. have many medicinal uses. The bark in powder form is applied to sores to draw out purlement matter. The seed and bark of the plant are reported to be effective in the treatment of stomach and liver disease. The various compounds have been isolated from the plant such as cycloartenone, cycloartenol α- amyrin and leupeol acetate. 
Studies shows that  the heartwood extract of A. lakoocha may have a promising potential for use as an effective and economical skin-whitening agent.IT is also used for spicy perposes in many parts of india like tamarind

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Result of Civil Services (Main) Exam. 2010 Announced

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) have announced the result of Civil Services (Main) Examination, 2010 and Roll Numbers of the candidates, who have qualified for Personality Test for appointment to the Indian Administrative Service, Indian Foreign Service, Indian Police Service and other Central Services (Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’). Personality Test of qualified candidates will be held from March 22, 2011 in the Office of the Union Public Service Commission at Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road, New Delhi-110069. The date and time of Personality Tests will be intimated to the qualified candidates individually and would also be displayed on Commission’s Website No change in the date and time intimated to the candidates will be allowed. In case the qualified candidates do not receive the letters for the Personality Test, they may contact the Commission immediately.

The Main Examination, 2010 was held by the Union Public Service Commission in October – November, 2010. Candidature of these candidates is provisional subject to their being found eligible in all respects. The candidates will be required to produce the original certificates in support of their claims pertaining to age, educational qualifications, community, physical handicap etc. at the time of the Personality Test. They are, therefore, advised to keep the said prescribed certificates ready.

 The date and time of Personality Test is being intimated to the qualified candidates individually. The date and time of Personality Test of candidates being called for Personality Test from 22.03.2011 to 01.04.2011 will be displayed on the Commission’s Website on 16th March, 2011 and the date and time of Personality Test of the remaining candidates will be displayed on 23rd March, 2011. The candidates who do not receive communication regarding their Personality Test, should immediately contact the office of the Commission through letter or on Phone Nos. 23385271, 23381125, 23098543 or Fax No. 011-23387310, 011-23384472.

 The candidates are advised to notify changes in their address, if any, to the Commission immediately through letter or Fax at Telephone numbers indicated above.

Tentative date of 53rd to 55th BPSC PT

Every aspirant of 53rd to 55th combined BPSC exam is eagerly waiting for tentative date  of PT exam.As per information from sources the PT examination is going to be held on 10 April 2011.Administration of all districts of Bihar has been said to give list and capacity of exam centers in their area.So candidates be serious now and give your full attention.Only sad news is that BPSC have yet not declared the seat for administrative services.