Thursday, December 30, 2010

PAnchyat poll in Jharkhand

Now results have been declared for all panchyati raj bodies in Jharkhand.It would give main power of  development and administration to elected person at every level .Naxalism ,who is one of the biggest hurdle in development of this tribal state.Local dwellers who are being administered badly due to remoteness of governance would now have power in own hands.Let us hope panchyat election will help jharkhand in growth as it worked in Bihar.  

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Separation of HERO from HONDA had been headlines last week.Would  separation affect Hero as it affected kinetic,TVS,LML,who lost their market in respective area.Specialty of HONDA in gear box and engine  now would not be feature of erstwhile herohonda.At present hero honda is biggest player of bike market in India with largest sale&service network,but this is going to decline not only due to separation(Bjaj grow up after separation from kawasaki )If we have to see other option in bike segment ,as most youth want their unique identity in campus YAMAHA is a natural choice because YAMAHA bikes are best in engine performance,durability and low maintenance cost.Latest price war by launching of YAMAHA SZ-X at 49000 Rs. would give bike lover an extra option who are now bore with BJAJA pulsor,HONDA unicorn(ever green from HONDA).
Powering the new SZ-X is an all-new 4-Stroke air-cooled, SOHC single cylinder with 153cc engine that has been tuned for optimum performance i.e. Extra Power in the low to mid-speed range thereby ensuring a stress-free ride on Indian roads. The bikes are equipped with AI System and a large-capacity muffler with catalyzer for cleaner exhaust.

The bikes flaunt some cutting edge design structures like the headlight cowl with 3-dimensional slanting line which along with a sporty fender with split look enhances the look of bikes. There is a large capacity 14L fuel tank which gives the ability to go Extra Mile. The long cushioned seat ensures comfortable riding position enabling a straighter back and Extra Comfort while commuting long distances. SZ-X is also equipped with some of the finest technologies like electric starter and a windscreen to cut inward air swirl, thus making a hassle free riding experience for the rider.

Adding to SZ-X charisma are the sophisticated meter panel, shroud with dynamic image, modern look dual tail lights, full plastic chain case (gives protection from dust & water), robust side cover and 5-spoke cast wheel at 49000 Rs. price should increase its sale and service for customer satisfaction.

Specification of this bike is


Engine type Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC
Displacement 153 cc
Bore & Stroke 58.0 × 57.9 mm
Compression ratio 9.5:1
Maximum power 12.1PS / 7,500 rpm
Maximum torque 12.8N.m / 4500 rpm
Starting system Electric Start
Lubrication wet sump
Cylinder layout Single cylinder
Clutch type wet, multiple disc
Ignition system C.D.I
Fuel supply Carburettor
Battery 12 V, 5 AH (10 AH)
Headlight Halogen bulb (12 V, 35/35 W)
Primary/Secondary reduction ratios 3.409/3.000
Tranmission type 5 gear constant mesh
Caster/Trail 26 degree/99 mm
Gear ratios 1st=2.714, 2nd=1.789, 3rd=1.318, 4th=1.045, 5th=0.916


Frame type Diamond
Front suspension Telescopic
Rear suspension Swingarm
Front brake Drum(150 mm)
Rear brake Drum (130 mm)
Front tyre 2.75-17 41P
Rear tyre 100/90-17 55Ponly drawback is absence of disc break


Overall length x width x height 2,050mm x 730mm × 1,100mm
Kerb Weight 132 kg
Wheelbase 1,320mm
Minimum ground clearance 165mm
Engine oil volume 1.0 litres
Fuel tank capacity 14 liters
Seat Height 802 mm                                                                                           

Sunday, December 19, 2010

E bikes in India

Soaring price of petroleum products particularly petrol has made bike riding very costly.Even bike with better mileage can not decrease the cost below Rs1/Km.(including maintenance costs) .E-bike is going to our future in two wheeler segment. Indian two-wheeler industry has embraced the new concept of Electric Bikes and Scooters that are very popular mode of personal transport in the developed countries like America, Japan and China. With the rising cost of fuel at International and national level, increasing levels of pollution and congestion in transport system specially in Urban areas, higher running and maintenance cost of vehicle, the electrically charged bikes or scooters have very bright future in area of personal transportation. Latest announcement for subsidy on electric bike will further decrease price of these bikes.companies like hero,BSA,yobike,Ebikes have offered many models.Person with limited traveling requirements (less than 30Km/day) most use these bikes to cut down fuel bill and carbon free environment .here is some models of E bike with suitable price range

Rs 15000

Rs 13800

Model                     :  SEA HORSE
Frame                     : Steel
Max Load               : 150 KG
Top speed               :  25 KM per hour
Max distance           :  40 KM per charge
Power consumption: 1KWH /100KM
Battery Type           : Lead Acid sealed maintenance free
Capacity                  : 12-14AH
Voltage                    : 36 volt
Charging time           : 4-6 hours
Input voltage            : 220 volt
Efficiency                : 80%
Motor type              : Brushless
Rated power            : 240w

Model                     :  SEA HORSE-2
Frame                     : Steel
Max Load               : 150 KG
Top speed               :  25 KM per hour
Max distance           :  20 KM per charge
Power consumption: 1KWH /100KM
Battery Type           : Lead Acid sealed maintenance free
Capacity                  : 12-14AH
Voltage                   : 24 volt
Charging time          : 4-6 hours
Input voltage            : 220 volt
Efficiency                 : 80%
Motor type               : Brushless
Rated power             : 240w
one better option for school going students is fitting of kit in their cycle
Rs 6500

The ebike kit can be installed on any bicycle
will consist of
250w motor
Main wire
Battery 24 v and 7 AH
Battery Box
one powreful electric bike is from Yo bikes
Yo Speed, a battery operated two wheeler, light in weight, very economical to pocket, environment friendly and unmatchable in mileage with superb convenience and comfort.

India's 1st electric vehicle approved by ARAI in 750 W category. Yo Speed is highly effective and cost-effective and its 750w motor delivers much higher speed. Indus, the manufacturer of Yo Bykes claims that this vehicle is capable to run for 500km in just Rs.50/-.

Striking Features
  • High Power of motor (750Watts)
  • Top Speed max. 45 kms
  • Powerful batteries (33AH)
  • Payload - 2 persons (130kgs)
  • Double tube shock absorbers for better riding comfort
  • Large space under seat
  • Ample foot rest
Color Options
  • Flame Red
  • Misty Grey
  • Neo Black
  • Royal Silver
  • Teen Purple
Technical Specifications
Overall Dimension 1785 * 1050 * 650
Wheel Size 3.00 * 10.00 inches
Weight Carrying Capacity 130 kg
Motor Power 750 Watt
Motor BLDC Hub
Battery Type Sealed maintenance free VRLA Battery
Lamp Voltage 12v D.C.
Speed 45 Km/hr max
Charging Duration 6 to 8 hr
Range / Charge Mileage 75 to 80 km @ 70kg & 55 to 60 km @ 135 kg
the only problem with these bikes is presently less distribution system and service centers  ,but with time it will be fulfilled.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Medicinal plants of Jharkhand

Betla national park is famous for tigers.tourist across India used to come here to see tigers and many rare animals in open air.Tourist banglow ,tree house has been a attraction for tourist .As the no. of tigers and other animals are decreasing due to poaching and other cause,one more potential of betla national park should be explored i.e. medical tourism like Kerela Betla in Jharkhand could be a hot medical tourist spot.abundance of medicinal plant at every corner is an unexplored resource which could be use for benefit of Indians.This will boost economical status of tribes living in betla national park.These tribes have traditional knowledge about use of these medicinal plant. one rare medicinal plant of forest is harjodwa also known as pani bel . Cissus repanda Vahl. (Syn. C.rosea, Vitis repanda and V. rosea). Family Vitaceae, commonly known as ‘Panivel’ in Hindi,Sanskrit: asthisonhara; vajravalli Hindi: hadjod; hadjora; harsankar,Bengali: hasjora; harbhanga Marathi: chaudhari; kandavela,Gujrati: chadhuri; vedhari,Telugu: nalleru, Tamil: pirandai
Canarese:  a folklore medicinal herb, reputed for the healing properties of its roots and stem. The trible people and Traditional practitioners of Orissa, Gujarat,Jharkhand  Andhra Pradesh and some parts of Karnataka Dist. are found to be prescribing the root powder of this plant in case of bone fractures, cuts, boils and wounds. As yet the roots of plant has not found to bere ported and hence the Roots of this plant was investigated thoroughly as per the pharmacological parameters.Physio-chemical parameters shows high value of acid insoluble ash indicating high polarity, preliminary photo chemical investigations shows the presence of alkaloid, tannin, mucilage and calcium salts.

Botany: Climbing herb, tendrils simple, opposite to the leaves, leaves simple or lobbed, sometimes 3-folialate, dentate. Flowers bisexual, tetramerous, in umbellate cymes, opposite to the leaves, Calyx cup-shaped, obscurely 4-lobed. Fruit globose or obovoid fleshy berries, one seeded, dark purple to black; seeds ellipsoid or pyriform. Flowering and fruiting time May-June.
Medicinal Properties and Uses: It is mainly used as healer of bone fractures. It is one of the very frequently used herb by traditional bone setters of India. (In Hindi Hadj=bone; Jod=to fix). It is also used for piles, asthma, digestive troubles, cough, and loss of appetite.
Ayurvedic formulations: Asthisamharaka juice, powder and decoction of dried stalks.
Chemical Constituents: Stem isolates include 3- keto steroids, onocer-7-en-3a, 21b-diol (I) and onecer-7-en-3a, 21a-diol (II).
Other Uses: Stems and roots yield strong fiber. Young shoots are used in curries.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Rahul Gandhi ,fool child

So ,Rahul gandhi again show immaturity,the latest wikileaks exposed childish thinking of Rahul gandhi who is considered as most probable candidate for PM if congress win next general election.News published in British newspaper guardian is  as follows  

Rahul Gandhi, the "crown prince" of Indian politics, told the US ambassador at a lunch last year that Hindu extremist groups could pose a greater threat to his country than Muslim militants.
In controversial comments likely to cause a storm in Indias , Gandhi – considered a likely prime ministerial candidate and a scion of the country's leading political family – warned Timothy Roemer that although "there was evidence of some support for [Islamic terrorist group Laskar-e-Taiba] among certain elements in India's indigenous Muslim community, the bigger threat may be the growth of radicalised Hindu groups, which create religious tensions and political confrontations with the Muslim community".
The 40-year-old politician, the son of the Congress party president, Sonia Gandhi, told the ambassador that "the risk of a "homegrown" extremist front, reacting to terror attacks coming from Pakistan or from Islamist groups in India, was a growing concern and one that demanded constant attention".
The US view of him has evolved. In late 2007, US diplomats described the young politician, recently appointed to lead the Congress youth wing, as "widely viewed as an empty suit and will have to prove wrong those who dismiss him as a lightweight".
"To do so he will have to demonstrate determination, depth, savvy and stamina. He will need to get his hands dirty in the untidy and ruthless business that is Indian politics," one said in a cable entitled The son also rises: Rahul Gandhi takes another step towards top job.
Other cables talk of Gandhi's political inexperience and repeated gaffes. They also repeat cutting criticism from political analysts and journalists.
However as Gandhi warmed to the US, the US warmed to him. In a meeting with another American official last summer, he explained his strategy of targeting rural populations and small towns, impressing his interlocutor.
"[Gandhi] came off as a practiced politician who knew how to get his message across, was precise and articulate and demonstrated a mastery that belied the image some have of [him] as a dilettante," the official said.
In November last year, after a meeting with the US ambassador, a cable to Washington described Gandhi as "an elusive contact in the past" but now "clearly interested in reaching out to the USG [United States government]".
A cable from February this year describes him as "increasingly sure-footed".
For Roemer, writing after the lunch during which Gandhi had commented on extremism, "the rising profile of young leaders like Rahul Gandhi provides [the USA with] an opening to expand the constituency in support of the strategic partnership with a long term horizon".
This was a massage sent to America by his ambassador it means official view from diplomat.Now the most important thing is that what is status of Rahul gandhi in talking with could he be so fool,so stupid,use of any adjective would not qualify level of Rahul.He was not talking with an Indian news reporter nor he was in a political rally.So what was the need of telling about our internal political issues.US has CIA and other intelligence agencies who reports to pentagon.Any american member of congress or senate would not tell our diplomat about discriminative policy and atrocities on black people .he would not tell links of politician with arms companies. A popular saying in India is GHAR KA BHEDI LANKA DHAHE means traitors are biggest enemy and danger to a nation.He officially gave a weak point of India to other country.His critics may now say his only ability is that he born in Gandhi of congress in 2009 was due to absence of strong opposition not due to Rahul and his mother Sonia gandhi.Present UPA govt. is already facing a storm of 2G telecom scam and Rahul add an other wound on head.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


There is many users who use mobile as a modem.Data cards have evolved as a popular mode to access's fast life requires fast internet connection and latest launch of 3G service would certainly help users.Here is some data plans from popular service providers.

Reliance Communications has launched their 3G mobile services in India. Initially it has launched its services in three metros – Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata – and in Chandigarh. “By next three months, we will launch it in the remaining nine circles for which the company has spectrum. Our tariffs will be affordable, simple and transparent based on try and buy pricing proposition,” said Syed Safawi, president and CEO (wireless business), Reliance Communications.
Reliance 3G Data Card can be used for 3G services access on your laptop .

Reliance 3G Data Card Price

The Reliance 3G Data Card is available in two model for different 3G speed access.
  • Reliance 3G Data Card Price for up to 7.2 Mbps speed – Rs.2,599
  • Reliance 3G Data Card Price for up to 21 Mbps speed – Rs.4,499

Reliance 3G Data Card Tariff Plans

Reliance 3G post-paid tariff plans
  • Rs.199/month – 50MB Data per month
  • Rs.2,499/month – 5GB data per month plus 6000 minutes talk-time with 6000 SMS.
Reliance 3G Prepaid data plans
  • 200 MB data for Rs.299/month
  • 500 MB data plus some free talk-time and SMS for Rs.699/month

Airtel  Data Card

Before launching the 3G services , Airtel has launched the new USB 3G data card . The new Airtel 3G Data Card will be currently used for wireless Internet access over Airtel 2G/2.75G GSM services across India.Once Airtel launch their 3G services , the same data card can be used to access the 3G network.
The new Airtel 3G data card is Plug and Play device .It supports EDGE/GPRS and UMTS/HSDPA up to 3.6 Mbps speed and is compatible with Windows / MAC .

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Clear signal,be ready for poll

A news from "Indian express"
Niira radia
A complaint to finance minister about Niira Radia’s meteoric rise in nine years triggered the surveillance of her phone.
In a crackdown here and in several places in Tamil Nadu in connection with the 2G spectrum scam, the CBI today searched the office and residential premises of corporate lobbyist Niira Radia, former TRAI Chairman Pradip Baijal and a Chennai NGO with which DMK MP Kanimozhi is linked. Radia's office -- Vaishnavi Corporate Communications in Central Delhi -- and her farm house in South Delhi were among the first of the premises to be searched by the CBI, sources said, adding some of the people who had handled accounts and funds of former Telecom Minister A Raja were also been searched by the agency.
Radia, Baijal and alleged hawala dealers – brothers Mahesh Jain and Alok Jain alias Bobby -- were questioned during the raids, sources said.
A CBI spokesperson said in the evening 34 premises in the country were raided during the day and several incriminating documents were recovered.

Sources said the searches were carried out to find out the probable links between alleged hawala operators and former Telecom Minister A Raja, whose premises were being searched today in Perambalur.
Kamraj and the Jain brothers have been under the scanner of the CBI for some time in connection with the investigations into the scam.
An export office in Chawri Bazar in Delhi was also searched by the CBI, the sources said, adding the firm is alleged to have been used for transfer of funds. 
                                                       The impact of these raids are far reaching,as congress has given a clear signal she is ready to go in election.After forceful elimination of A .Raja from cabinet made  weakness of Karunanidhi has been clear .Leak of tapes of Nira radiya already maligned the smooth face of TATA and other corporate groups.Daily outbreaks in newspapers like Dainik Bhaskar has made it impossible for government to suppress truth.sooner or later congress and Godmother Sonia will come in charge of corruption .Dr. Subrahmaniyam swami had has name of two sisters of sonia gandhi in his complain to courts.These raids are face saving attempt and angry DMK can not retaliate .Even withdrawal of support will not affect stability of government.but fall of government in fight with corruption will earn a clean image and may hide failure on other fronts.Price hike  went in background,terrorism same way,the only concern for congress is corruption.Bihar election result has shown the deep impact of these issues on public and made congress stunned and panic .So congress would like to take a chance.Opposition are not united and quick announcement would not allow BJP to regroup.Even issue of corruption  may fire back on NDA due to Karnatka .
                                                           So wait for one or two more days and see the political drama of great India.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Yes,rice pulling coin.they are present and cost as much as you can imagine .If want to see the importance just type "rice pulling coins" in Google and see the magic.these coins are also known as mahabiri coins and very very rare.It is believed that many coins of these type are present in Jharkhand in dwellers of  tribal areas but even they do not know what is some details .
these coins were made of copper Iridium .Copper Iridium Coins are very magical. They will stop a bus when carried in it (stop ignition),but when wrapped in carbon papers the bus starts again. A candle flame bends towards this coin. When rice is brought near this it attracts rice. The power of coin is measured by its capacity to pull rice from distance say 4 or 8 inches. when rice and wheat grains taken near to them, these grains were flying and get attached to the statues and get powdered after a length of time. When wrist watches were taken about couple of inches close to them, all of them automatically got stopped. The iron rods and nails were not attracted, hence no magnetic influence.historical detail of this coin is as follows
In the year 1603 with the permission of her majesty the queen of England the east India company was established at various places in India,with the head office at England. east India company had started minting coins to do business according to the system.the coins were hand the year 1616 there was a grahakutami,a total solar eclipse which lasted for more than five hours in India.the Britishers with the help of the local rishis minted copper coins with copper iridium metal in assorted weights and sizes. the copper iridium coin in possession weighs 40.5 grams(1616) with a provision to get charged when required.
-description of coin
one side (side1)
this side consists of navagrahas embedded in it by the great gurus and rishis of those is said that the gurus had gone to all the planets to collect the metal from each planet.sun,moon,mars,mercury,Neptune,jupiter,saturn,uranus and venus.these metals from the planet are embedded in the coin and are inter connected with tiny veins,all leading to the charging point.It is also said that these metals were collected from a meteoroids falled on earth.

the other side(side 2)
this side has the charging point divided in three dotted holes from where charging of the coin is possible. apart from the above the following is inscribed in the coin
(a) ei c
(b) haf 1616 ana
the hidden powers will surface only after charging the three dotted holes,each having its own separate function.
the coin exerts vibration when held in between two fingers. the coin exerts more power at 12.00 noon,4.30 pm,6.30pm.for example the sun is more powerful at 12 noon and the moon is more powerful after 6.30 pm. experiments were conducted for whole 24 hours,every 30 minutes of the day and night and the following observations are recorded.
the sun vibrates more after 12.10 noon
the moon vibrates more after 6.30 pm
the saturn vibrates more after 4.30 pm
the above timings change according to planetary positions and during amavasa and pournami.
out of the navagrahas on side 1 of the coin-three exhibits active iridium i.e,the sun,moon and saturn.
and,on side 2 of the coin the word 'e' 'i' 'c' and the number 1616 exhibits active iridium this is used to secure the coin without any duplication.
this can be tested with an a/c & d/c iridium does not transmit power as iridium is an opaque body.the coin can be activated when required.
 The above all posting may look foolish and only brain child but believe it is 100% real

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tourist spot of Jharkhand,Rajrappa

Shakti puja means worship of power in divine form is performed in many form ,most popular is worship of goddess KALI.One famous temple of maan kali is at rajrappa.It is situated 28 km away from Ramgarh on the confluence of rivers Bhairavi (locally known as bhera) and Damodar.

This temple known as Chinnamastika temple, finds place in our Vedas and Puranas and it has been recognized as an ancient and strong source of Shakti.It is described as rajtappa . It is believed that the person who devotes himself whole heartedly with pious heart to Maa Chinnamastika has all his wishes fulfilled by the Goddess.Followers of tantra puja perform secret rituals to get holy powers.  Devotees from all corners of Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal visit this holy place throughout the year. There is a large congregation of people here during the night of full Moon and New Moon. Marriages are also solemnized here on a large scale. The Art and architecture of Rajrappa temple bears resemblance to that of the famous Kamakhaya temple of Assam. Here, in addition to the temple of Maa Kali, there exists ten temples of various Gods and Goddesses like the Sun God and Lord Shiva.
 As we enter
there is a small temple for Krishna and Anjaneya.
There is another huge hall, with Virat Swarupa of Maa
Durga on one side, and Virat Swarupa of Sri Krishna on
the other side. In between, there are idols of Uma -
Maheshwara, and the Ashta Lakshmis.

then there is a temple with nine separate temples
for eight of the Dasa Mahavidyas (other than Kali and
Chhinna Mastha, for whom there are separate temples).
Water from the confluence flows on both sides of this
structure. There are also idols of Bhaskararaya and

As we enter to the Siva temple - which also houses
Vinayaka and Karthikeya. Within this temple, there are
also separate shrines for Manasa Devi and the
Navagrahas. There is also a separate temple for Kali.

  Then come a huge temple for Surya Bhagwan, with an
enormous murthi with saptha ashwas.

  then came to the main temple, housing Maa Chhinna
Masthika (pronounced in Sanskrit as Kshinna - or
severed). Maa is shown holding her own severed head,
with blood oozing out of her neck and falling on
Varnani and Dakini. At her feet, on a lotus lie
KamaDeva and Rati. In the sanctum sanctorum, the main
deity is veiled, but this is captured on a silver
peetham at the bottom. Unlike in the South, in the
North, we can touch the main deity.

The tantrik philosophy explains this totally
differently, but from what we understand (from the
inscriptions at the temple complex itself) , this
deity symbolises the following:

Maa severing her own head symbolizes that unless we
give up our own ego and consciousness, we cannot
attain self-realization. Also, the fact that she is
drinking her own blood symbolises that we have to draw
on our own vital energy for attaining the ultimate
goal, rather than looking outwardly. Although there is
no clear mention as to the symbolism of Kama Deva and
Rati at Maa's feet, we infer that this should refer to
the sublimation of sensual desires while proceeding
towards our ultimate goal.

As  mentioned earlier, the temple is located at the
confluence of two rivers - Damodar (Male) and Bhairavi
(also called Bhera here).

Both types of sacrifices are practiced here - Nariyal
bali (for people like me), and bali of a goat. There
is also one yagya shala and several kundams at
different points in the complex. Near the main deity
itself, there are four enclosures where one can sit
and do parayanam without being disturbed.

The crowds are enormous; most people take a bath at
the confluence, before entering the main shrine. It
took  about 1 hour within the main shrine itself,
and another 1 hour for the other temples and the river
itself .
Animal sacrifice is done after fulfillment of wishes.Other Hindu rituals including marriage,mundan are also performed with great devotion . in july 2010 there was a big breach of security when robbers stolen silver umbrella and severely damaged  the  idol.however soon the worship has been restored. Rajrappa also is a pilgrim place for "Santhal Tribe" who comes for immersion of their loveones ashes in the Damodhar river. In the group they comes mostly during the Month of December, the group are known as "Yatri". Mostly they come from South of Jharkand state as East and west Singhbhum and Saraikela district.In their mythology tribe they believe it is their final destiny. In their Folk song Rajrappa is Known as "Thel kopi Ghat"(Water Ghat) which means they used oil after bath.The hot water spring adds beauty to this temple and during winter it turns into picnic spot. Apart from the religious view this site is famous for large coal mines .Rajrappa is a project under Central Coalfields Limited (CCL), a subsidiary of Coal India Limited. It is one of the biggest coal-fields in its region. It is widely known as the Rajrappa Project, which consist of the main quarry (a huge open cast mine), offices, colonies, recreation facilities, shopping complexes, a police out-post and public utility buildings. It is a complete township in itself.The Bhera or Bhairavi joins the Damodar, falling from a height of 9.1 metres (30 ft). It is a scenic spot.
Rajrappa Falls has tremendous geographical significance. The Damodar valley at Rajrappa is a typical example of polycyclic valley or topographic discordance which is characterized by two storey valley. The Damodar developed its broad and flat valley of senile stage before the onset of Tertiary upliftment. The river was rejuvenated due to upliftment of landmass during the Tertiary period (65 million to 1.8 million years ago) by the side effects of the Himalayan orogeny and thus the Damodar excavated its new deep and narrow valley of youthful stage within its broad and flat valley of senile stage. The Bhera river coming from over the Ranchi plateau makes a waterfall while joining the Damodar and thus presents an example of a hanging valley. The Damodar gorge near Rajrappa is a typical example of incised meander.
For accommodation Dhramashala, rest house and Guest house are easily available at Rajrappa. This site is also well connected to Ramgarh by road.trains to delhi from ranchi passes through Ramgarh cant. station.Ramgarh cant is also of tourist attraction as it is one of the oldest  army cant. of panjab regiment.tourist can also reach here by Taxi and bus from Bokaro,dhanbad patna and ranchi.It is well connected by Delhi,patna,ranchi and kolkata by Trains nearest station is Ramgarh.the nearest airport is Ranchi airport.Native airlines offer service at Ranchi .

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

CNT an outdated law

In the era of colonial rule to protect innocent tribes from greedy and cleaver money lords,who were gradually engulfing all property by hook and crook,British govt. enacted chhotanagpur tenancy act 1908.After the promulgation of this act(with some exception) sale of lands belonging to tribes to member of other community had been made null and void.Even sale between tribes could be done only after written permission of DC of concerning district.Tribes from different districts was prohibited to make sale deeds.Tribe land was neither kept for guaranty nor could be donate.In other word this is a too protective law.At present this law has become a hurdle in growth of tribal people.Land is a assets for everyone.But due to this act tribes have denied this assets.Today when there is a big social and economical difference between converted and traditional tribes.Converted are buying land at minimal cost.But an other clause of this act 46(1) prohibits sale of land belonging to OBC and SC of jharkhand to people of So called forward community .In short member of forword caste can not purchase land from member of ST ,SC and OBC.In first glance this look beneficial as it check influx of money by land mafia,real state group and natives of other state who want to invest and settle in jharkhand.But in same way it discriminates between native forward caste of jharkhand and others.Forceful enforcement of this law make OBC as miserable as tribes.OBC are rather developed and use their land as excellent assets in various purposes.This would stop all this and price of their land would fall upto ground.Real state industry.Urban development plan,ranchi,jamshedpur,dhanbad and bokaro would be biggest victims of this law.Because there live largest group of Bihar.Who all fall in category of General caste due to domecile policy of jharkhand.For present BJP and JMM govt. It is an perturbing condition.They are fearing same fate as of babulal marandi due to domicile dispute.Political life of then CM came to an end due to that.If this decision is to be seen politically BJP is going to be biggest loser.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

When To Propose Her

It may be the most difficult  judgment for Boys.When to propose her.many times due to fear of denial and rejection from their beloved they dare not propose and this one sided attraction badly affect their performance in other area of life.Whether she also love or like him or not is a great dilemma particularly for teens.Even men from rural area who came to metros could not adjust with mentality of city girls who want just one night stand or instant declaration of proposal.Since beginning nature have develop a sign language in both men and women to transmit their desire through body signals.We receive these signal and respond unconsciously  .But what should be your course of action at that moment is decisive in result.
Psychologists believe that when we were all living in much smaller communities or tribes and everyone knew everyone else, reputation naturally became everything. So, if you were known to be rejected by a person then your suitability rating was diminished. Equally, if you were accepted then your suitability rating increased. It's quite similar to how Google ranks web pages. A link from a quality web page improves your ranking while a link from a poor quality page reduces it. The danger of being visibly rejected is that it encourages others to reject you too. In this case it’s just another form of peer pressure. I.e. "If  Jaya rejected abhinav maybe there's something wrong with him? Maybe I should reject him too just in case. Hell I don't want to be seen with Jaya's reject anyway."
If you think this system no longer applies then just watch how people behave at parties or nightclubs. Subconsciously, men will only approach a woman if they feel that they have more than an eighty percent chance of being accepted.
This is where flirting and sex signals become important. In a sense they are a code used between humans to test the levels of mutual attraction before visibly acting and thus risking rejection. Where people are watching and a rejection is taking place, the person doing the rejecting often exaggerates the act so that the spectators are in no doubt as to who is the loser. Sometimes seen as cruel this is actually a form of self protection. The person doing the rejection cannot afford the peer-group doubt that they themselves might have been rejected.
 here is some body signal's which show interest of women into a men 
The Hair Preen: Women with long hair often twirl or play with it out of habit but It's also a sign of nervous or playful arousal. It's used to attract a man's attention or to show him that his masculinity is attractive to her. This signal is sometimes confused with hair tugging which actually indicates the opposite - intense discomfort and a desire to be somewhere else. In this case the hair is "jerked" and forcibly pulled. When a woman preens her hair the motions are slower and luxurious. The hair is stroked and twirled in a sensual fashion. In real life a person would have to be blind to not notice the difference.

The Glamour Pose:  Arching her back to emphasise her bottom and flexibility (youth), pushing her breasts forward and playing with her luxurious hair, the model to the right is exaggerating normally subtle signals into large movements and dramatic sexual gestures.   
This is most often used by a woman where the male target is a fair distance away or where she wants absolutely no doubt about what is on her mind. Exaggerated body language is often seen at large gatherings or public spaces like a beach were simple "quieter" signals are often unnoticed.
The Lip Lick:  As a body signal this is pure dynamite an one to which men often overreact Woman lick their lips for two reasons - they're either dry or she's sexually interested.

If a woman places her tongue at the corner of her mouth and then sensually licks her upper lip she consciously or subconsciously wants you to know she's getting very interested. It doesn't mean she wants the man to launch himself over the table and onto her but it does mean "don't be a dummy - even you can't miss this."
My Lovely Ass:  The female bottom, both amongst primates and humans, holds a fierce attraction for males. Buttock augmentation is rapidly becoming common cosmetic surgery particularly in countries where a curvy bottom is considered a woman's sexiest attribute (Brazil for example).

This signal is done by placing one hand on the hip to pull the fabric taught across her cheeks and then half turning away so that the man can appreciate the shape and beauty of her bottom. One hand is often placed on her stomach to make it less obvious that she is also arching her back to make her bottom more prominent.
Dilated Pupils!  When shown pictures of the same people that either had the pupils of their eyes airbrushed larger or smaller, almost all people tested indicated that they felt more attracted to the pictures with the larger pupils.  Most importantly, they couldn’t explain why. The reason is that our pupils dilate when we’re feeling sexually aroused.  Pupils also dilate when it's darker so perhaps that’s why candle light dinners are so romantic. English Tudors of the fifteenth century actually placed drops of deadly belladonna poison into their eyes to dilate their pupils and create the effect.

for boys studying  or working together may notice these signal and can draw a conclusion, Go ahead or search some other

1. Signal she is attracted to you when you first enter a room.
-She will quickly sit up or stand straighter( perks up with her shoulders up and breasts out)
-She will strike an attractive pose to you for attention.

2. Signal with her eyes from across the room.
-She will do a peekaboo(sometimes with the person blocking her view, drink, menu.. etc)
-her eyes will look down and away when you make eye contact but will look back again within 45 seconds.
-she will give you a repeated sidelong glance even if she is conversing or dancing with someone else.

3. Signal with her body to let you know she is attracted to you.
-She will pull her blouse or dress aside to incite you or allow a strap to fall
-she will let one of her shoes to dangle on her foot, usually showing her sole.
-she will take a pose with one arm up behind her head exposing her underarm.
-she will allow her leg to show, sometime allowing her skirt up to make you notice.

4. Signals involving encroaching distance to show she would like more intimacy with you.
-she will stand or sit closer than normal, sometimes very subtle.
-she will put an object or perhaps a part of her body(hand,arm, leg) in you personal space
-she will innocently touch your hand or arm in order to signal you
-she will lean into your personal space, usually in conversation. This signals shows she likes what you are saying

5. Signals with her hands that show you excite her.
-she will instinctively tug or twist an earing or necklace, sometimes calling attention to her cleavage or neck.
-If you build enough comfort with her or you continue to attract her during conversation she will put her hand close to her face with her palm up facing you.
-she will instinctively pull her hair aside to show her neck to you.
-she will primp herself in hope to get more attention from you(more lipstick or perfume after a bathroom break... etc)
-she will instinctively play with her hair, whether by slight primp, twisting caressing or toss aside
-she will pet or caress herself(means she wished it was you caressing her)

6. Signals she is enjoying your company.
-She will scrunch her shoulders
-she will act more silly than normal
-she will copy your movements to show she is on the same wavelength with you

7. Signals a girl with use when she is intoxicated, very turned on, or trying extra hard for your attention.
-she will seductively lick her lips
-she will rim her glass, notice which finger(middle)
-she will suck on a swizzle stick or a straw, even if her glass is empty.
This should help as you transition, go on during day two's, give you an idea which level you are at in terms of attraction and comfort. You get the idea. Keep in mind younger women may show more instinctive signals while more experienced woman may understand what she does instinctively and purposely do it in order to build attraction with you.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

medicinal plant of palamau,jharkhand bidi plant or chidchidi or kendu

This plant leaves are used to manufacture bidi i.e. vernacualar cigarette .it is very common in Betla park(,famous for tourism and tigers) and also be used as show plant. 
It is a medium size tree which is extremely drought resistant. Bark is used to make fiber. Flowers are inconspicuous.

Medicinal use:---
  1. The dried bark is crushed and decoction is prepared with it and given for glandular infections.
  2. The decoction prepared by the bark is used as an external wash for skin diseases and ulcers.
  3. The flowers are used to prepare decoction and given for heamorrhagic conditions, plies and cough.
  4. The decoction prepared by the roots are used for abdominal disorders.
Asmantak or Bauhinia racemosa Bark Extracts, has very potent anti-inflammatory anti-pyretic action. Asmantak or Bauhinia racemosa Bark Extracts have been used in traditional folk medicine to treat numerous diseases. Asmantak or Bauhinia racemosa Bark Extracts are a natural alternative to commonly used anti-inflammatory drugs like Dolonex (Piroxicam), Brufen (Ibuprofen) and Voveran etc. Asmantak or Bauhinia racemosa Bark Extracts can be used with confidence for treating Fever.
Directions For Use: Boil 50 gms of Asmantak or Bauhinia racemosa Bark in 250 ml of water for 30 minutes. Strain and drink the Asmantak or Bauhinia racemosa Bark Extracts twice daily for three days. The symptoms of fever are reduced in a day and complete relief is afforded using Asmantak or Bauhinia racemosa Bark Extracts.

Not To Use With: No specific precaution needs to be followed while using Asmantak or Bauhinia racemosa Bark Extracts to treat Fever.
Side Effects: None are seen with Asmantak or Bauhinia racemosa Bark Extracts. Asmantak or Bauhinia racemosa Bark Extracts can be used with confidence to treat fever.
Expected Results: The symptoms of fever are reduced in a day and complete relief is afforded using Asmantak or Bauhinia racemosa Bark Extracts.
Expected Results Within: 1 day

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Micromax launches A60 Androids for Rs 6,999

Cheers for new A60 andoroids phone from MICROMAX .After winning low end segment micromax enters in smart phone front.Till present android based phones are considered to be high end.this move of company is important because of start of 3G services by many operators very soon.DOCOMO have already started and Airtel is about to launch,

Micromax A60 is Android 2.1 device and has varied applications like GPS, Wi-Fi, along with a 3.2 MP camera. It has a 150 MB internal memory and supports 32GB external memory card.
Android is a mobile operating system, which was initially developed by Google and later by the Open Handset Alliance (OHA), a consortium of 50 hardware, software and telecom companies.
It allows developers to design applications independent of the handset type and users can download over 70,000 applications like games, music, music players and location—based services.

foloowing are details of A 60

1. Android 2.1 Eclair
2. Full Touch Screen
3. 3.2 MP Auto Focus Camera
4. Voice Assisted GPS Navigation
5. Android Market
6. WiFi
7. Accelerator Sensor
8. HSDPA 7.2Mbps
9. HSUPA 5.6Mbps

Form Factor Full Touch

Band GSM 900&1800MHz - WCDMA 900/2100MHz

Weight 105gms

Dimensions 106.8mm * 59.2mm * 14.0mm

Display 62K TFT, (320*240 pixels) 7.1cms Touch Screen

Version 2.1 Eclair

HSUPA 5.76Mbps

HSDPA 7.2 Mbps

Camera 3.2MP, Auto-Focus Camera

Audio Player Yes


WiFi Yes

Video Streaming Yes

Video Player Yes

Video Recorder Yes


Processor 600 MHz

Bluetooth 2.1


Internal Memory 150MB

Expandable Memory Up-to 32GB

Battery Type 1280 mAh Li-ion Battery

Talk Time Up to 4 hours*

Standby Time Up to 10 days*

price of A60 is 6999 Rs.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Name of Palamau is said to have originated from three most common plants found here,P for palash or dhak,tesu.It is very common and grows on any uncultivated land.Plant parts are used at every occasion .
Medicinal Properties: Bark, seeds, flowers and gum are used in Ayurvedic formulations. Flowers of Palash (Tesu ke phool) were used in ancient India in beauty care recipes to improve complexion, suppleness of the skin and disorders of female reproductive organs. Seeds are applied for the treatment of worm infestations and allergic skin conditions. Clinical studies have proved that seeds of Palash help in roundworm infestations. Gum is used in Ayurvedic formulations to improve spermatogenesis.

The gum, seeds, flowers, barks and leaves have great medicinal value. Externally, the local bath with the decoction of its bark in useful in bleeding piles and flowers (made hot) below the naval facilitate the micturation. On scorpion sting, the seeds mashed in the water and the paste is applied, with great benefit. The paste of seeds is also applied in skin diseases, edema and diseases of the eye. The seed powder, in the form of nasal drops, helps to regain the consciousness in epilepsy. The paste of seeds, matted in lemon juice, is an effective panacea for skin diseases like eczema, tinea and ringworm.
Internally, palasa is useful in vast range of diseases. In diarrhea, dysentery and colitis, first the decoction of its fruits by itself or with hot milk is given to cleanse the bowels (mala sodhana). Followed by the gum powder with hot water, for prompt astringent or anti-diarrhoeal action. Palasa helps for healing the intestinal ulcers. The flowers are useful in fever, thirst and diarrhea. In worm infestations, the powder of seeds is given along with honey (except in pitta constitution). The combination palasa, vidanga, kampillaka and ajavayana in the dosage 1-2 gm daily, prevents the recurrent worm infestations. In the day to day practice, the seeds matted with milk (20-30 ml) is given for three consecutive days, on empty stomach, followed by a laxative like castor oil on fourth day. The ksara of palasa is beneficial in ascites, tumours and abdominal pain. In piles, associated with constipation, the seed powder is given by itself, to facilitate the motions smoothly. The gum and flowers are benevolent in raktapitta. The decoction of the bark skin, cooled and mixed with sugar is recommended in raktapitta. The decoction of the flowers is extremely beneficial in strangury and dysuria. The bark skin, gum and flowers, because of their astringent rasa, promote the callus formation in the fractures of the bones. In sexual debility, the gum and seeds are valuable. The flowers are useful to alleviate leucorrhea, whereas, the palasa ksara mitigates the tumours and oligomenorrhea. The gum along with sugar, works well as a general tonic and along with amalaki (Phyllanthus emblika) as an aphrodisiac. The decoction of bark skin is useful in obesity associated with sexual debility, as it stimulates the medogni. The decoction of the roots, given along with honey and rock candy is salubrious in sexual debility. The powder of dried flowers given along with the milk and sugar works well as a potent diuretic and alleviates edema.
Flowers are used in burning sensation and useful in skin diseases
- Fruits cure diseases related to urine, piles, worms, abdomen etc.
- Fruits are aphrodisiac and anthelmintic.
- It cures diarrhea.