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When To Propose Her

It may be the most difficult  judgment for Boys.When to propose her.many times due to fear of denial and rejection from their beloved they dare not propose and this one sided attraction badly affect their performance in other area of life.Whether she also love or like him or not is a great dilemma particularly for teens.Even men from rural area who came to metros could not adjust with mentality of city girls who want just one night stand or instant declaration of proposal.Since beginning nature have develop a sign language in both men and women to transmit their desire through body signals.We receive these signal and respond unconsciously  .But what should be your course of action at that moment is decisive in result.
Psychologists believe that when we were all living in much smaller communities or tribes and everyone knew everyone else, reputation naturally became everything. So, if you were known to be rejected by a person then your suitability rating was diminished. Equally, if you were accepted then your suitability rating increased. It's quite similar to how Google ranks web pages. A link from a quality web page improves your ranking while a link from a poor quality page reduces it. The danger of being visibly rejected is that it encourages others to reject you too. In this case it’s just another form of peer pressure. I.e. "If  Jaya rejected abhinav maybe there's something wrong with him? Maybe I should reject him too just in case. Hell I don't want to be seen with Jaya's reject anyway."
If you think this system no longer applies then just watch how people behave at parties or nightclubs. Subconsciously, men will only approach a woman if they feel that they have more than an eighty percent chance of being accepted.
This is where flirting and sex signals become important. In a sense they are a code used between humans to test the levels of mutual attraction before visibly acting and thus risking rejection. Where people are watching and a rejection is taking place, the person doing the rejecting often exaggerates the act so that the spectators are in no doubt as to who is the loser. Sometimes seen as cruel this is actually a form of self protection. The person doing the rejection cannot afford the peer-group doubt that they themselves might have been rejected.
 here is some body signal's which show interest of women into a men 
The Hair Preen: Women with long hair often twirl or play with it out of habit but It's also a sign of nervous or playful arousal. It's used to attract a man's attention or to show him that his masculinity is attractive to her. This signal is sometimes confused with hair tugging which actually indicates the opposite - intense discomfort and a desire to be somewhere else. In this case the hair is "jerked" and forcibly pulled. When a woman preens her hair the motions are slower and luxurious. The hair is stroked and twirled in a sensual fashion. In real life a person would have to be blind to not notice the difference.

The Glamour Pose:  Arching her back to emphasise her bottom and flexibility (youth), pushing her breasts forward and playing with her luxurious hair, the model to the right is exaggerating normally subtle signals into large movements and dramatic sexual gestures.   
This is most often used by a woman where the male target is a fair distance away or where she wants absolutely no doubt about what is on her mind. Exaggerated body language is often seen at large gatherings or public spaces like a beach were simple "quieter" signals are often unnoticed.
The Lip Lick:  As a body signal this is pure dynamite an one to which men often overreact Woman lick their lips for two reasons - they're either dry or she's sexually interested.

If a woman places her tongue at the corner of her mouth and then sensually licks her upper lip she consciously or subconsciously wants you to know she's getting very interested. It doesn't mean she wants the man to launch himself over the table and onto her but it does mean "don't be a dummy - even you can't miss this."
My Lovely Ass:  The female bottom, both amongst primates and humans, holds a fierce attraction for males. Buttock augmentation is rapidly becoming common cosmetic surgery particularly in countries where a curvy bottom is considered a woman's sexiest attribute (Brazil for example).

This signal is done by placing one hand on the hip to pull the fabric taught across her cheeks and then half turning away so that the man can appreciate the shape and beauty of her bottom. One hand is often placed on her stomach to make it less obvious that she is also arching her back to make her bottom more prominent.
Dilated Pupils!  When shown pictures of the same people that either had the pupils of their eyes airbrushed larger or smaller, almost all people tested indicated that they felt more attracted to the pictures with the larger pupils.  Most importantly, they couldn’t explain why. The reason is that our pupils dilate when we’re feeling sexually aroused.  Pupils also dilate when it's darker so perhaps that’s why candle light dinners are so romantic. English Tudors of the fifteenth century actually placed drops of deadly belladonna poison into their eyes to dilate their pupils and create the effect.

for boys studying  or working together may notice these signal and can draw a conclusion, Go ahead or search some other

1. Signal she is attracted to you when you first enter a room.
-She will quickly sit up or stand straighter( perks up with her shoulders up and breasts out)
-She will strike an attractive pose to you for attention.

2. Signal with her eyes from across the room.
-She will do a peekaboo(sometimes with the person blocking her view, drink, menu.. etc)
-her eyes will look down and away when you make eye contact but will look back again within 45 seconds.
-she will give you a repeated sidelong glance even if she is conversing or dancing with someone else.

3. Signal with her body to let you know she is attracted to you.
-She will pull her blouse or dress aside to incite you or allow a strap to fall
-she will let one of her shoes to dangle on her foot, usually showing her sole.
-she will take a pose with one arm up behind her head exposing her underarm.
-she will allow her leg to show, sometime allowing her skirt up to make you notice.

4. Signals involving encroaching distance to show she would like more intimacy with you.
-she will stand or sit closer than normal, sometimes very subtle.
-she will put an object or perhaps a part of her body(hand,arm, leg) in you personal space
-she will innocently touch your hand or arm in order to signal you
-she will lean into your personal space, usually in conversation. This signals shows she likes what you are saying

5. Signals with her hands that show you excite her.
-she will instinctively tug or twist an earing or necklace, sometimes calling attention to her cleavage or neck.
-If you build enough comfort with her or you continue to attract her during conversation she will put her hand close to her face with her palm up facing you.
-she will instinctively pull her hair aside to show her neck to you.
-she will primp herself in hope to get more attention from you(more lipstick or perfume after a bathroom break... etc)
-she will instinctively play with her hair, whether by slight primp, twisting caressing or toss aside
-she will pet or caress herself(means she wished it was you caressing her)

6. Signals she is enjoying your company.
-She will scrunch her shoulders
-she will act more silly than normal
-she will copy your movements to show she is on the same wavelength with you

7. Signals a girl with use when she is intoxicated, very turned on, or trying extra hard for your attention.
-she will seductively lick her lips
-she will rim her glass, notice which finger(middle)
-she will suck on a swizzle stick or a straw, even if her glass is empty.
This should help as you transition, go on during day two's, give you an idea which level you are at in terms of attraction and comfort. You get the idea. Keep in mind younger women may show more instinctive signals while more experienced woman may understand what she does instinctively and purposely do it in order to build attraction with you.

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