Thursday, December 16, 2010


There is many users who use mobile as a modem.Data cards have evolved as a popular mode to access's fast life requires fast internet connection and latest launch of 3G service would certainly help users.Here is some data plans from popular service providers.

Reliance Communications has launched their 3G mobile services in India. Initially it has launched its services in three metros – Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata – and in Chandigarh. “By next three months, we will launch it in the remaining nine circles for which the company has spectrum. Our tariffs will be affordable, simple and transparent based on try and buy pricing proposition,” said Syed Safawi, president and CEO (wireless business), Reliance Communications.
Reliance 3G Data Card can be used for 3G services access on your laptop .

Reliance 3G Data Card Price

The Reliance 3G Data Card is available in two model for different 3G speed access.
  • Reliance 3G Data Card Price for up to 7.2 Mbps speed – Rs.2,599
  • Reliance 3G Data Card Price for up to 21 Mbps speed – Rs.4,499

Reliance 3G Data Card Tariff Plans

Reliance 3G post-paid tariff plans
  • Rs.199/month – 50MB Data per month
  • Rs.2,499/month – 5GB data per month plus 6000 minutes talk-time with 6000 SMS.
Reliance 3G Prepaid data plans
  • 200 MB data for Rs.299/month
  • 500 MB data plus some free talk-time and SMS for Rs.699/month

Airtel  Data Card

Before launching the 3G services , Airtel has launched the new USB 3G data card . The new Airtel 3G Data Card will be currently used for wireless Internet access over Airtel 2G/2.75G GSM services across India.Once Airtel launch their 3G services , the same data card can be used to access the 3G network.
The new Airtel 3G data card is Plug and Play device .It supports EDGE/GPRS and UMTS/HSDPA up to 3.6 Mbps speed and is compatible with Windows / MAC .

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