Tuesday, December 7, 2010

CNT an outdated law

In the era of colonial rule to protect innocent tribes from greedy and cleaver money lords,who were gradually engulfing all property by hook and crook,British govt. enacted chhotanagpur tenancy act 1908.After the promulgation of this act(with some exception) sale of lands belonging to tribes to member of other community had been made null and void.Even sale between tribes could be done only after written permission of DC of concerning district.Tribes from different districts was prohibited to make sale deeds.Tribe land was neither kept for guaranty nor could be donate.In other word this is a too protective law.At present this law has become a hurdle in growth of tribal people.Land is a assets for everyone.But due to this act tribes have denied this assets.Today when there is a big social and economical difference between converted and traditional tribes.Converted are buying land at minimal cost.But an other clause of this act 46(1) prohibits sale of land belonging to OBC and SC of jharkhand to people of So called forward community .In short member of forword caste can not purchase land from member of ST ,SC and OBC.In first glance this look beneficial as it check influx of money by land mafia,real state group and natives of other state who want to invest and settle in jharkhand.But in same way it discriminates between native forward caste of jharkhand and others.Forceful enforcement of this law make OBC as miserable as tribes.OBC are rather developed and use their land as excellent assets in various purposes.This would stop all this and price of their land would fall upto ground.Real state industry.Urban development plan,ranchi,jamshedpur,dhanbad and bokaro would be biggest victims of this law.Because there live largest group of Bihar.Who all fall in category of General caste due to domecile policy of jharkhand.For present BJP and JMM govt. It is an perturbing condition.They are fearing same fate as of babulal marandi due to domicile dispute.Political life of then CM came to an end due to that.If this decision is to be seen politically BJP is going to be biggest loser.

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