Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bihar election 2010

Bihar election 21010 is to be finish but what is going to result may be a big issue to predict a result.Nitish kumar has tried to  lure voters.he has done excellent work on some fronts and he is likely to get back positive result.but there is some other issue which decide outcomes in bihar.Other then law & order ,development and social welfare ,there is issue of self proud,caste calculation and negative work of present government.All managed  media of bihar have been admiring Nitish govt. for five years but is it possible for a govt. to always do correct never a single wrong deed in all tenure.teacher appointment is a great setback for youth of ruined the life of 1.7 lac person.they even do not get  pay equal to skilled worker of MANREGA .what is worth of Rs. 6000 in present market ,no promotion,no leave,no increment, and govt. want excellent work from those ill fated men.they all would vote against Nitish.
                                        For all shortcomings Nitish blame center and congress ,but think what is the need and relevance of state if Center have to do and fund all programs.they want and demand a spacial package for  bihar,why ,leave popular politics of blame and explain your case.MP and UP never demanded a package on account of separation than why bihar.Every bihari politician show dream of a govt. who would do everything for all person. Govt. would give food,money,entertainment and people would do nothing except attending political meeting.develop in a state with hard working ,self dependent,creative people .If bihari labour can construct  delhi and Mumbai than why not home state bihar.But bihar govt. want to make them idle for nothing except voting and producing new voters.It may be a cause for demand of special package that Nitish never got a chance to digest huge money as Lalu and other enjoyed in bihar before partition of  jharkhand.

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