Saturday, November 13, 2010

development of jharkhand

on 15 nov our jharkhand would celebrate her 10 anniversiry.two other states created with jharkhand have gone for advance in terms of various development parameters.There are various issues which may decide fate of jharkhand in  coming years.
                                                                  In my view the root cause of problems is absence of zeal about new state.Jharkhand has been promoting as a state of tribes but in reality there is only 26% tribal population in jharkhand.It is true that areas of present CG and Uttarakhand had been ignored in their parent states but people from other area did not migrates toword underdeveloped areas, there is a homoginity in population.people of bhopal or lucknow did not go to sarguja and chamoli but in undivided bihar large no. of people came from darbhanga,chhapra,samstipur,mithilanchal and magadh to dhanbad,jamshedpur,ranchi,bokaro  and other mines area of Jharkhand.This have changed the demographic situation of jharkhand in compare to two other state.even after ten years of creation large no. of govt. servents are still bihari. domecile movement of 2003 had a stunning effect on sociological setup of urban area.To reduce growing influence of RSS under leadership of sri babulal marandi church ambushed using cover of sarna adivasi .the effect is so worst that now every residents of ranchi having roots in bihar do not accept jharkhand as own mother state.he has developed moneyorder culture.

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