Saturday, December 10, 2011


Dear friends our Jharkhand is really unpredictable.No one even God may not know exactly what is going to be happen in mind of these experienced and skilled officers.the famous JPSC which is well known for its great and grand contribution in achieving high rank in corruption index has again done a splendid work. When even in this gloomy situation,judiciary is only hope for  justice ,JPSC clearly ignored the Ranchi high court and published revised result and new marks.Is it not the contempt of court and judicial process.In a defiance manner they are saying that mains will be held in the month of March and no cancellation of result or PT exam is possible now.In a press release JPSC has said these.It is now obvious that even in revised answer sheet there is so many mistakes and wrong answers.The matter of scaling and copying of question from previous UPSC exam is yet to be resolved in court and JPSC is giving jolt after jolt. marks like 77.5,55.06  in GS ,how can it is possible when all question are of one marks each,did they use scaling in GS too.All seems mockery of entire examination and evaluation process.Mr. Shiv Basant has earned very good name and fame as an IAS officer and as a chairmen of super corrupt electricity board of jharkhand.but his entire ability seems to have disappear in JPSC.Why he wants to hide mistakes of others ,he was not the chairman when the PT exam was held,He should have earned the faith of candidates in JPSC by taking corrective  measures and boldly accepting mistakes.No one in is favour of cancellation of exam but it is not the way of justice.what is the fault and sin of history students who scored 95+ and 75 in GS and not declared successful.What is the parameter of hardness and easiness of questions in any subject  on which JPSC has done negative and positive scaling.The difficulty level and discriminatory power of a question can only  be calculated by  a master of education and statistics,and there is no course of education in Jharkhand at that level,then who is that intelligent expert who gave such a foolish advise to ruin the hopes of candidates.determination of these parameter requires pretest and post test of questions.Did JPSC went through these steps before declaring question of history as easy and that of economics and other subject are hard.The biggest question is on judiciary.When the entire process is in court,how JPSC has been allowed to publish result again.Published result does not  quote court order and no., Honorable chief justice and his bench has cancelled appointment of primary teachers on the basis of change in process from that of advertisement,though there is no wrong answer and copying ,then why judiciary is giving date after date and chance after chance to JPSC to commit anther blunder .There is only one way to solve that complicated question of scaling,wrong answers ,wrong questions,copying without cancellation of exam.The result should be published on the basis of obtained marks in GS paper only .the question were same for all and no need of scaling.I think all candidate should be agree on this solution,those who are successful and also those who are feeling as deceived.To see your revised marks please enter roll no.

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  1. in the larger interest of the unemployed youth of the country who are eager to at least appear in the mains exam.let the govt. be ordered to declare at least 23000 more result as was done in the past. Herein, govt.should ensure that no irregulaty is committed in this mains exam