Monday, October 3, 2011

fair way to earn online money

young generation of India and all over world spent a lot of time on net,using many social sites and searching way to make money.Those who are working in KPO,BPO and other outsourcing processes.there is some fraud sites who offer online work,like survey,e-mail reading,ad view etc.The story of speak Asia,sri Ram survey and other site is well known.If any site ask some security money or advance,be alert it is first sign of fraud.  Money has always been weakness of humankind and especially students get trapped in these trap.before joining any work of this kind think once,why some would give you lot of money for just doing a minimal work or spending time.There is some meaningful site undoubtedly.But all way need hard work and innovative way of simple way is Google ad sense program.Google offers   ad program for sites,blogs.what you need is to open a adsense account on Google.once your account get approved ad will be visible on your site or blog.whenever a visitor click on ad ,your account will be credited with some amount.however Google never disclosed the amount on per can check your account status by logging in.Money was sent through cheque in your bank account.But there is some restrictions too.If you click your ad by your self or Google detects any unlawful/invalid click activity,your account will be deactivated.Google records pattern of visitors and show ads as per contents of site or blog.creativity and novelty is first condition to participate in Google adsense program. 

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